Why hire a professional pet sitter?

Southern highlands pet sitter

Everyone is aware of their options when it comes to their pets care. The local boarding kennel, your neighbour, a family or friend and those many free house sitter websites that you’ll find in a Google search but what alot of people don’t think about or consider is a professional pet sitter/dog walker.

The benefits that come along with hiring a professional pet sitter are amazing and make them well worth the money. Having only 1 pet, our pricing is usually not much cheaper than a boarding kennel however the benefits of having them stay in their own home is worth it. Now if you have multiple pets this is where the benefits just keep adding up!

In only 1 year of buisness I have heard many times comments like… “oh that’s too much money just for you to feed my dog” or “the kid next door will walk my dog for $10”.

If you want someone to spend 2 minutes at your home and throw some food out and leave, im sorry to say but im not the right person to help you and your better off going with one of the other options mentioned. I believe every animal deserves love and attention, exercise, a clean environment and fresh water daily. Wether these jobs are requested or not they are included in my base pricing and you won’t receive less.

When paying a professional pet carer, yes our prices are higher than the kid next door but you are paying for someone that engages in the buisness as their main or only occupation rather than as a hobby.

Professional pet carer’s like myself come with plenty of reassurance that others, most of the time, do not. Such as police checks, insurances, first aid training, qualifications, experience and knowledge.

Clients of S & N Pet Services also have extra reassurance outside of pet care such as home security, chores and maintenance. You won’t come home to garden beds dying of thirst, your garbage bins full, soggy mail piling up in the letterbox or to find your home has been broken into.

Convinced yet?

Any questions or queries at any time are encouraged and I would love to have a chat with you 🙂

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