Doggy Adventures and Exercise

Do you come home after a long day at work to find your dogs have an abundance of energy, have destroyed everything in sight or escaped your yard.. yet again?

These are clear signs your dog is lacking mental and physical stimulation. By using any of our services below, we can help curb these behaviours and have you coming home to a nice and relaxed dog that is ready to snuggle up on the lounge with you.

Dog Walking Southern highlands

Dog walking

Even an extra walk or two a week can greatly improve the behaviour of your dog. We adjust each walk based on your dog’s needs to make sure they are getting just what they require. You will receive maps of all walks along with high quality photos that have been taken.

Why not add on a social aspect to their walks and put your pups name down for pack walks when available in your area. Enquire today!

  • 30 minute private walk $35 (1-2 dogs in the same household)
  • 45 minute private walk $50 (1-2 dogs in the same household)
  • 60 minute private walk $60 (1-2 dogs in the same household)
  • Pack walks $35
Dog park visits southern highlands

Dog Park Visits

Imagine while your stuck at work your pup is out enjoying socialising and plenty of space to run freely and chase a ball.

We will pick up your dog, take them to the nearest dog park to play with any other doggys booked that day and bring them home once they have had enough. Being out of the house for 1-2 hours.

You will receive notifications of pick up and drop off as well as any high quality photos and videos taken of the day. Cost is $35. Additional dogs from the same household at half price.

Dog’s Adventure Day

For those wanting that bit extra for their dog’s we offer a 3 adventure out to a private property where the dogs can swim, play, run till their hearts content, trees to lounge under, grass to munch on, farm animals to see and sniffing of surrounds including farm animals paddocks and plants all to help your dog feel mentally and physically content.

You will receive notification of pick up and drop off if requested along with a recap, high quality photos and videos of the day uploaded to our private facebook client portal.

Pricing is $55

You can see videos of our amazing adventures on our YouTube channel!

S & N Pet Services YouTube

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