Why S & N Pet Services?

Why S & N Pet Services? So I have been asked this question a few times now and it is meant in one of two ways.

Why are we called S & N Pet Services? And why should i use S & N Pet Services?

Well let’s start with why you should use our services.

I could go on about qualifications, references and experience but those aren’t the most important factor. They certainly do help though and are definately necessary. You can see all this information on our website. 🙂 But what really is important and a big reason why you should use our services is passion.

We may be a small buisness but when you support small businesses you are supporting a dream. It has been my dream to run my own company and have that company be what I am passionate about and love doing. It brings so much happiness into my life to care for animals and i wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Between our passion and our experience, you can be assured your pets are receiving the most high quality care so you can relax and enjoy a stress free time away without worrying if your pets are ok at home.

We understand your pets are family members and we will treat them like our own when in our care.

And this is what leads me to the other question. Why are we called S & N Pet Services? And that answer is simple. Family!

My family is everything to me, my husband Chris, my dog Achilles and my children Summer and Noah. See where I’m going with this?

And this is my foundation, family, love and passion.

Hope everyone’s weekend has been enjoyable and I look forward to more meet and greets next week. I have a few availabilities for next week meet and greets and Christmas holidays are filling up fast so contact me to book today!

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