How do i trust a pet sitter?


As a pet owner myself I have had the same thoughts when it comes to booking pet sitters.

How do you trust a stranger to come into your home and look after your pets?

The answer is simple really.

Because like in our case, after our obligation free meet and greet, you won’t feel like your letting a stranger do these important tasks. If we are the right fit for you and your pets, you will feel at ease with leaving your home and your precious loved ones in our care.

With our services you are not only provided with daily updates and photos of your pets, but you can contact us at anytime with any concerns or questions, or just to say hello. We would love to hear from you. Sound reassuring?

Asking your pets vet, groomer or trainer is a good way to find a great sitter. You will find that they will have someone to reccomend to you and they will only do so if they believe they are trustworthy and they respect their work. Reccomending another buisness that turns out to be bad wouldn’t go great for your’s would it?

Reviews and testimonials are important. You want to stay clear of companies that have turned off their reviews on Google or social media. There is usually only one reason for that. Look at multiple sources for reviews on the company and ask your friends, family and neighbours for reccomendations.

And on that note be sure to leave reviews for the pet sitter you choose to go with. This will not only help the sitter either improve where needed or receive more work but will also assist others looking for pet sitters to make an informed decision of who they want to leave their loving pets with when they go away.


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